Adamello Haute Route

Price €1380 7 Days, 6 Nights
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Adamello Haute Route

€1380 per person
Trail n.1

Alta Via dell’Adamello, aka Trail n.1, is a trekking route that usually consists of a 5-day hike. Altitudes are between 2,000 and 3,000 meters, crossing most of the Adamello territory from south to north. Trail nr.1 is recommended to expert hikers with good training. Trail n.1 is recommended to expert hikers with good training

On the way you will encounter ruins of trenches and military settlements from the First World War; while enjoying breathtaking views you’ll see wonderful high altitude blooms, ungulates and wild animals. Man’s signs can be seen in huts used as summer pastures for livestock, hydroelectric dams and shelters.

The trail is well signposted, however, there can be difficult sections causing uncertainties due to the fog. It does not present mountaineering difficulties but some pitches are equipped with metal ropes, therefore steady step and attention are highly required.

In collaboration with Vallecamonica-Adamello Alpine Guides.


Customized dates for groups of at least 5 people.
7 Days, 6 Nights
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    Airport transfer
    Bike Rental
    Cancellation Policy
    Medical/Baggage Insurance
    Tour Leader
    Van Assistance
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    Access to spa facilities
Day 1
Arrival in Edolo in the evening, meeting with the organization. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.
Day 2: Bazena-Tita Secchi Refuge- Maria and Franco Refuge
Transfer by van to Bazena and meeting with our Alpine Guide. You go up to the Tita Secchi Refuge at Lago della Vacca passing from Val Fredda through the botanical path of the Adamello Park; then you continue towards the Maria e Franco Refuge, passing through the Blumone Pass, where you can see the evident signs of the first world war and reach the Bocchetta Brescia (metal cord) to go down to the Refuge.   TIMING: 7h30
Day 3: Maria e Franco Refuge - Lissone Refuge
Leaving the Maria e Franco Refuge, you pass the Dernal Pass and take the old military path along the Sega d’Arno to the Passo di Campo which leads us to the side of the Val Daone. From here the path requires sure-footedness and attention towards the Passo d’Avolo and then to the Passo Ignaga. The descent towards the Lissone Refuge is the most demanding stretch of the entire Path n. 1 but the beauty of the landscape pays off all the efforts.   TIMING: 5H30
Day 4: Città di Lissone Refuge - Prudenzini Refuge
From the Città di Lissone Refuge, go along the Adamè Valley skirting the Poia River to go up to the Poia Pass (2775 m), from here you leave the Adamè Valley for the Salarno Valley and reach the Prudenzini Refuge.   TIMING: 5H
Day 5: Prudenzini Refuge - Tonolini Refuge
From the Prudenzini Refuge, along a steep path, you go up the Val Salarno Occidentale up to Coster and then to the Miller Pass (m. 2818). From the pass you descend into the Miller Valley to reach the Gnutti Refuge. Possibility to continue to the Baitone Refuge for the Passo del Gatto and then to the Tonolini Refuge.   TIMING: 7H
Day 6: Tonolini Refuge - Garibaldi Refuge
From the Tonolini Refuge, continue to Lago Rotondo, Lago Bianco to reach Lake Premassone and then to the pass of the same name (m. 2923). From the pass, using metal cords, paying attention, you go down to the Dam of Pantano d’Avio. From the dam, go up under the imposing north-west wall of the Adamello to Passo del Lunedì (or Bocchetta del Pantano) and descend by a stairway in the rock to the Venerocolo Dam and then to the Garibaldi Refuge.   TIMING: 5H30
Day 7: Garibaldi Refuge - S. Occhi all'Aviolo Refuge
From Rif. Garibaldi with a pleasant and panoramic descent, you reach the Benedict Dam to take the steep path to the left for the Passo delle Gole Larghe (2804 m). From the pass for a long descent, you arrive at the Sandro Occhi all'Aviolo refuge. (d. 1923). Descent into Val Paghera and transfer by van.   TIMING: 6h30