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About us

Active Tour

Active Tour by RB Tours è la nuova proposta nel turismo attivo ed ecosostenibile.

Active Tour is the new proposal for an active and eco-sustainable tourism. RB TOURS has been operating in the international incoming tourism market for years; it’s a tour operator based in Valcamonica. We aim to provide customers the best tourist experience, from a cultural and culinary point of view.

With the new Active Tour brand, RB Tours brings many years of experience acquired in the international arena to the service of Italian customers. Collaborating with accommodation facilities that show strong ties with the territory, customers can enjoy the typical local cuisine in authentic environments.

Our values


Constant care and attention to detail, in order to ensure excellent quality of service. We look for exclusive accommodations and restaurants considering the right combinations and the most interesting itineraries.


Love for travels, Italy and its uniqueness are part of us: once travelers who discovered the wonders offered by our country, we are now professional guides, passionate about dedicating our energies to organize tours that can satisfy every wish.


We’re always available to listen and fulfill any kind of request. We are committed to providing clear and comprehensive information to ensure all necessary assistance for an unforgettable trip. We are at disposal 24 hours a day to help if you may need.

I was born and raised in the heart of the Alps, surrounded by the most famous Alpine passes: Mortirolo, Gavia, Stelvio. This extraordinary natural environment was my passion background for all kinds of outdoor adventures.

I think none of our little daily sufferings can overcome a good ride. My lifetime dream? .. .. a world tour by bicycle! Maybe someday!

Thanks to my love for sports, travels, nature and digital technologies, I take care of development and digital marketing campaigns, selecting top tools to communicate with customers and promote tours.

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